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seductionI have had a few websites in the past and they have always worked very well for me. The majority of my clients arrived via Google and Punterlink. I’ve also had a profile on and off on Adultwork and as AW seems to be the main Escort website that clients use nowadays, I decided to abandon my website about a year ago and instead, I solely rely on AW for all of my work.

For many years, I always advertised my phone number, but I became tired of the moronic phone calls and text messages I would receive, at all hours of the day and night. Instead, I insisted clients contact me via email. This strategy has worked ok, but I haven’t been anywhere near as busy as I would like. Plus, I have been relying on feedback from other lovely ladies on clients and I’ve found more and more that I don’t particularly agree with a lot of it. Many of the men who have arrived at my door with ‘glowing references’, have in fact been complete weirdos, whose company I have had to suffer for the duration of the booking, just to keep the peace. They were definitely not welcome back to my boudoir and I certainly didn’t leave them any fabulous feedback either.

I always used to pride myself on my gut instincts. Taking a phone call and ‘getting the vibe’ of the client from that call. Believe it or not, it worked 98% or so of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I still spoke to clients on the phone after receiving their initial email on AW however, I allowed my guard to be let down because of good feedback and where my gut said that something was wrong, I ignored it and tried to go with the feedback instead. This has proved to be quite a rubbish strategy, so I now have my phone number on my profile (and touch wood… ooer!), it seems to be working quite well. Bookings are up (the phone is ringing off the hook) and clients are a lot nicer and younger (I tend to get a lot of retired men).

Even though I have had a lot of calls today, the majority wanted to meet at lunch time and as there is only one of me, there is only so much I can do on my own.

So I have had two bookings today. The first was a repeat client, his 2nd visit. Rich is in his 40’s, he’s very handsome and he tells me that he works in the film industry, sourcing set locations. I have no reason to disbelieve him and I do love hearing about his tales of travelling the world. Also, he’s extremely easy on the eye and that makes for a very happy booking. He’s also fairly easily pleased and he strode into my apartment this lunchtime, confidently and very ready to play. He had popped into my bedroom and had begun stripping off before I could finish getting him a glass of water, then he headed straight into the shower.

I tend to get a bit tongue tied around the handsome ones. I become a bit like a giggly school girl and my words don’t come out properly. I’m so used to retired, eccentric men, that when a hot client arrives, I get a bit nervous and silly.

Rich has 30 minute bookings and doesn’t stay for the full half hour, so today it was passionate kissing, oral, 69 and a hand job to completion. Nice, simple and easy and with that, he cleaned himself up, kissed me goodbye and set off in his lovely, cosy looking winter coat. I do like our speedy meetings!