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annoying-clients-escortsClients can be massively frustrating and filtering out the good from the huge ocean of bad is a painstaking task. Even the nicest regular client can become a complete arsehole. Here’s my list of 10 of the most irritating things clients do:

  1. Cancelling Bookings – This little nugget is probably at the top of most Escort’s lists. If a client cancels with me, he doesn’t get a 2nd chance to re-book. Yes, this may seem quite harsh, but I have found from bitter experience that once a client cancels, he will go on to do so time and time again. In fact, if you use Adultwork, you can see in some client’s feedback that they do indeed have a pattern of cancelling.
  2. Texting When I Specifically Ask Not To Do So – It’s clearly written on my profile, but I still wake up to a mountain of text messages every morning from men who insist on texting. I never reply and they always get blocked, so I don’t see the point.
  3. Asking If I Am Available RIGHT NOW – Unless you are standing right outside my apartment, how on earth can we meet RIGHT NOW? You don’t know where I am and you have no idea as to how long it will take to find me. Plus, I am never available at the drop of a hat. I have things to do, other clients to meet, plus I’m just not that desperate.
  4. Asking About Services And Prices When They Have Been Clearly Explained On My Profile – I have found that genuine clients just call or email with a specific date and meeting time in mind. It’s a no-nonsense phone call or message, quick and easy and painless. Men who call asking tons of questions rarely go on to book. I hang up the phone on these types and they are immediately blocked.
  5. Asking For My Postcode Straight Away – I call these types ‘Address Hunters’. They don’t want to book, they just want to know where I am.
  6. Asking For Discounts – This is not Poundland. I offer a high-class, intimate service and if you can’t afford my prices, go elsewhere.
  7. Arriving To A Meeting And Requesting Services I Do Not Offer – This is seriously not cool and I don’t like being put in a position where I have to say no and feel vulnerable.
  8. Asking To Meet At Times I Am Very Obviously Not Available – I go to a lot of trouble to list my availability on my profile and so it’s frustrating when men call who haven’t bothered to read the information.
  9. Expecting You To Be Shaved To Within An Inch Of Your Life, Yet They Are As Hairy As Cousin It – Just ugh. Double standards anyone?
  10. Not Showering When They Really Need To – No woman wants to have sex with a sweaty man who smells of piss and has a cock covered in nob cheese.