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When Harry Met Sally Orgasm Scene

I’m often asked this question, in fact at least 7 out of 10 clients will say this during a meeting. I really hate this question because it puts me in a really awkward position. I’m not big on faking orgasms with clients, in fact I never do it. I’m just not comfortable with it. Some clients arrive to a booking specifically requesting no fake orgasms, they hate all the loud, pseudo moaning and screaming, which is good, because I’m pretty sure my neighbours wouldn’t be all that impressed either.

It probably sounds odd that I don’t do it, but I’m a big believer in rewarding men for good sex skills. If I pretend to orgasm during his woeful inept oral and he becomes a regular client, I’m only going to receive more of the same every time he visits. So my theory is it’s better to tactfully teach excellent skills than it is to pretend, because it’s only going to benefit us both in the long run.

Orgasms during meetings are a tricky thing. Very occasionally I meet a gent who really knows what he’s doing. I adore oral and if a man can give good head, then yes, there is a possibility that he may make me come. I’ve found it’s usually the ones you would never expect to be all that hot in the bedroom that will surprise you with a mind-blowing orgasm.

I think I find it difficult to switch off. I’m so focused on getting my client to climax, that all thoughts about my own pleasure tend go out of the window. After all this is my job and contrary to popular belief, I’m not doing this work because I’m soooooo horny and I love sex, I’m doing this to pay my bills and so orgasms aren’t high on my agenda.

Even when a man is supremely good at oral, I won’t be thinking about him doing it, I’ll be fantasizing that it’s a beautiful woman pleasing me. Sorry guys, that’s really what I’m thinking.

So when the awkward “Are you going to come” question arises, I have a plethora of lame responses ready, ranging from “Don’t worry about me, I love watching you come” and if it’s a short booking “Oh it takes me so long, we probably haven’t got time”. I know both of those responses aren’t at all sexy, but if you immediately suck a client’s cock straight after saying it, he is soon distracted.