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man-with-flowersSometimes you meet an Escort who really ticks all your boxes. She’s fun, stunningly beautiful, seriously sexy and definitely someone you would like to meet on a regular basis.

But how can you become her number one client? The one who’ll she’ll drop everything for (ooer) when you call?

Here are my 13 top tips:

  1. Never, ever cancel a booking, especially if it’s the first time you will be meeting. She may not give you another chance to meet again.
  2. Always arrive on time. If you are too early, there’s a good chance she won’t be ready for you and if you are late, it will have a knock-on effect with her other bookings and this won’t be appreciated.
  3. Gifts are always lovely. They aren’t obligatory, or expected, but they will show that you are a gentleman.
  4. Don’t send presents or cards to her address using her working name without asking first. It’s pretty safe to say that her neighbours / postman /delivery man won’t be aware of what she does and you may blow her cover.
  5. If you arrive with presents, make sure they are well hidden. Strange men arriving at all hours of the day and night with flowers and champagne etc. are sure to raise the neighbours eyebrows.
  6. Always arrive freshly showered, even if she will expect you to shower again when you arrive. It’s just good client etiquette.
  7. Ensure that your nails (on both your hands and toes) are trimmed as well as your pubic hair too. Your Escort will be well-groomed for you and it’s polite to reciprocate.
  8. Favourite clients are regular clients. I’m not saying visit every day, but weekly bookings are usual. You won’t become a favourite client if you only visit once in a blue moon.
  9. Don’t be needy. You meet, you have fun and that’s the end until the next booking. Respect her space, she doesn’t want you to be endlessly texting, calling or emailing.
  10. Do write a wonderful review. Reviews are essential for all businesses nowadays and if you say good things, you will be viewed upon a lot more favorably than a client who doesn’t bother.
  11. Respect her confidentiality as she respects yours. Many working girls prefer to keep their identities a secret for good reasons. Don’t pester her to tell you her ‘real name’ and address etc. This kind of interest isn’t welcome.
  12. Never ask for discounts or for services she doesn’t offer. You are guaranteed to be blacklisted if you do this.
  13. Don’t ask if you can go on a non-Escort date unless she specifically asks you first. You will cross the line and become a pest and she won’t want to meet you again. Remember, Escorts are paid for their time and companionship, if you ask for freebies, you can kiss goodbye to seeing her again.